In New York City yesterday, a new kind of hotel opened its doors.

“Out NYC,” a complex on West 42nd Street, is not “a gay hotel, but rather a straight-friendly hotel catering to the gay lifestyle,” according to owner Ian Reisner. It’s a place where gay families can feel comfortable, though straight families are allowed as well. 

Rooms will go for $200-$300 a night, including lots of luxuries like a nightclub, bar and restaurant, and Reisner says he wants the place to have an urban feel while still providing a sense of relaxation for guests.


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  1. ladydy answered: That’s expensive as hell but must be worth it.
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  5. homoanatinus answered: it’s tacky and tasteless
  6. livelifeandprospercarryonfolks answered: that sounds great, although im afraid it’ll get some kind of negative response. finally a place where gay people can feel safe!
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  8. sherlick-homies answered: When I have a fam of my own, with a hubby I love to death, we are so fucking going there.
  9. zelda1997 answered: Amazing!!! I love to see open places like this!!!
  10. gaychristian answered: 'lifestyle'…why'd he have to say 'lifestyle'…ughhh
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  13. the-grumpy-dinosaur-1994 answered: sweet when can i come and stay :)
  14. siansposts answered: well :D its amazing to think that some people can be considerate in thinking about the gay lesbian bisexual transgender community :3
  15. lesbehonest6222 answered: Simply Amazing.
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  17. polkadotpolaroid answered: What “gay lifestyle?” UGH I feel like my identity is becoming nothing but a marketing ploy.
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  19. trekmagically answered: I really like that they are calling it “straight-friendly”. We can’t be hatin’ the haters cause then we’re haters, too.
  20. songofsarcasm answered: I feel like it insinuates that we are different from straight families; Like, what, will they have glittter toiletries? Lady Gaga pop art?
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  22. thewanderinggemini answered: Awesome!
  23. destielinthebedroom answered: OMG YAY.<33333.
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